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 07/16/2019 The video for our newest single released today. Check it out on our music/video page.

07/01/2019 A post to thank all family, fans and media that have supported us so far and helped us achieve our dreams. We are getting closer to finishing the full cd and have been very fortunate with the EP release including 18k plus views of Morbid Stale and reviews and airplay in multiple countries. Thank you so much to everyone that has purchased a copy of the EP and/or donated to our gofundme!! GO to the shop and get an EP if you haven't already.

Mercury radio(Greece)- Christina Bonia, Chris Papadakis

Forgotten Scroll Magazine (Greece)

Rock Rage Radio-John Joseph Kunz(Road Dog), Emberly Arp(Poison Ivy), Cindy Brewer(Twisted Sin)

103.7 WMGM(New Jersey)-April on Air

KVLT Magazine(Poland)-Bartek Kuczak

OKC Edge-Will Harrison

Tattoo Metal Radio-Angie Greene(Bad Girl Rock Show)

Be First Clothing-Ace, our first sponsor 

AiiRadio.net-Scott Brownstone

Autopsy Report(UK)=Hellwyck

Metal Devastation Radio



Band members


Current line-up is

Denny Anthony-Vocals

Greg Wenk-Guitars

Geno Alberico-Bass

Mark Zonder-Guest drums



Veritas is a hard rock/metal band with a classic sound and a bit of prog.  Founded in 2012 by Greg Wenk and original drummer Adam Hartley. We are in the process of finishing our full-length CD with a tentative release of fall 2019. Check out the music page to hear some samples and then go to our shop to purchase the EP . You rock!!